Monday, January 21, 2013

Keep Asking Questions

In yesterday's New York Times I read this great article (link below) by Theresa Brown--an oncology nurse who makes an excellent case for asking and asking and asking. She describes a breast cancer patient, Amy Berman, who had to make a clear decision about her treatment and life plans after a stage 4 diagnosis.

The point of this is that at the very time that your head is spinning with fear and anxiety and even hope you have to step back and think, feel and discern what is right. I do think that's pretty hard to do for most people. We want to hear "I'll cure you" and we want to hear, "This can be fixed".

I think what it takes is thinking and talking beforehand. Talking to loved ones and talking to friends --even those "What would you do if...?" conversations can be helpful.

And then also including family and friends after the diagnosis and during the research/second opinion phase. But--and an important but--you have to be be mindful about whom you include. You want the family and friends who will support your desires--not their needs and fears.

Take a look at this article and maybe forward this link to family and friends to initiate a conversation about, "What if..."

Here's the link:

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