Friday, January 11, 2013

Dying Nurse Is a Nursing Teacher

Here is a great story from today's New York Times. Martha Keochareon was a nurse with a passion for teaching. This passion--or dharma--carried through all the way to her deathbed where she offered herself as a study subject for nurses in training.

Read this article (link below) to see how passion and usefulness persevere no matter what but also to see how death from cancer is described and managed. It is quite moving too to read how the nursing students came to understand the role and experiences of family caregivers in cancer care.

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Sarah Hailes said...

Loved this article! As a nurse myself, and also have now gone through the system as a patient, on the other side, has made me a much better, way more empathetic Nurse! I wish all nurses were able to see how hard it is to be a patient and not listened to, or told your pain is in your head etc!! Might make some Nurses hold their tongues And be more caring!! I've now had 4.5yrs at a patient, and i miss being an RN! I miss it everyday, and i will continue to hope and pray that one day soon I will be on my Ward, caring for patients soon enough - fingers crossed!!!