Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Read About Rehab After Cancer

We are accustomed to seeing people go to rehab after an injury, after surgery and after all kinds of medical interventions--except cancer. That is until now.  In today's Wall Street Journal there is a very interesting article about rehab after cancer treatment--whether that treatment is surgery or chemo or both.

This makes so much sense. The article talks about rehab especially after chemo and its consequent side effects. Many people--John had this experience--have difficulty with walking, balance and small motor control after some of the nastier chemo concoctions. Most people just live with that or figure out their own adaptations or ways to cope. But why not a program of rehabilitation either in-patient or out-patient?

As cancer becomes more of a chronic illness things like "living with" rather than "dying from" lead us to things like rehab for cancer and chemo.

Take a look at this article--link below--and have this conversation with your doctors and oncology nurses. This may be a place where you have to be a strong advocate for yourself or your loved one. In that case print this article and take it with you!

Here's the link:

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