Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That Old Cape Magic

We are home from Cape Cod. Always a great trip even if weather is bad or the family is fussy. The Cape has been part of our lives a long time--separately and together. But we have our differences here too: He is a  bayside guy and I am an oceanfront girl. But we have learned to accommodate our differences: I walk the flats and he watches me body surf.

Cape Cod has long been a part of my caregiving life as well. My real goodbye's to my brothers and sisters and my parents all happened at Coast Guard Beach. Over the years I took all of my pain there and now it's one of my most scared places. When I am on that beach looking at the ocean I have no doubt that there is something bigger than me. Even if I'm feeling terribly powerful and self-important even I know that I can do that--I can't make ocean or waves obey.

Now back to home and work and writing and CancerLand.

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