Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oncology Day

Thursday was Oncology Day—this part of our life has a routine to it now. I know what to wear, what to bring, the Medical Power of Attorney is in my bag. We come in two cars—him from home and me from work. We check in along the way. It adds fun and distraction to the anxiety we both feel.

I always offer to fill out the intake for him. I want to check yes to mood swings and breast tenderness for him and where it asks about tingling I want to say, “Yes, frequently—especially after 11pm, and more if we read some erotica first”. I really do wonder if the nurse would notice.

I bring my own list of questions into the exam. I note whether they ask about sex. The Physician’s Assistants are so much better about saying, “Intercourse” with a straight face. It makes me grin to know that my ranting and blogging has had some impact. I still like to say, “swallow” occasionally just to shake things up.

The news is good. Some oral chemo a little bit longer then graduation to six-month intervals. The alternative is in front of us at all times in the waiting room. When we leave we make a point to look each person in the eye and smile. The chemo waiting room is one of the loneliest places in the world. It’s almost as if the drugs cause invisibility as well as nausea.

We synch our calendars for the next round, and then home to a great dinner and great sex as our lollipop for a good doctor’s visit.

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