Saturday, January 21, 2012

When I am the Patient

Oh humility; oh arrogance. This week I am the patient. Eye surgery this week. And my first inclination is to tell you it's no big deal. There, right there, it begins. The comparison, "Well, it's not cancer"; "Well, it's not brain surgery". Oh Jeez--it's eye surgery--my eye balls--my vision.

Here's what I'm learning: It's so hard to sit still. I'm supposed to rest, take it easy, no stress. Well, this has totally outed me as a workaholic if I had any doubts. I'm also supposed to use four different medicines four times a day and my first reaction is: "What a hassle, must be someway I can condense this?" No, I have not been to medical school but that does not stop me from thinking those instructions are for other people, surely not me. That is a form of arrogance, not to mention stupidity. Did I mention these are my eyes, my vision, I'm playing with?

And for good measure lets add vanity to the humbling mix. I cannot wear makeup for a week and I cannot take a shower for a week and I have to wear big, dorky dark glasses at all times even at night in bed. Actually with the no make-up rule and the no shower rule I'm glad for the glasses.

And oh yeah, I'm not supposed to use the computer too much. But, hey, you can see how well that is going. :)

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