Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gong Show

I am open to all kinds of healing and it's always my hope that I can find healthcare practitioners who respect and integrate Eastern and Western practices. Years ago I studied Reiki and have used it-quite irregularly--to help myself and others. It's one of those things that you can believe or not because its all to the good, especially when combined with good healthcare practices.

Last night I tried something new called a Gong Bath.  Nope, no getting naked or cold. Gong Bath is done with a group of people who lay or sit comfortably while being "bathed" in the sounds of huge (really huge) Japanese and Tibetan gongs. The lights are low, the sounds are not loud at all but you can feel the vibrations going through your body. There was a very brief intro--kind of like a verbal meditation instruction--Relax. Breathe. It was very comfortable and very comforting.

We stayed with the gongs "bathing" us for an hour and then some more brief verbal instructions to return to the present and the now. At the close the Gong Master explained that the gongs--there were 8 or ten of them--were tuned to the chakras of the body/mind and that the vibrations and sensations are intended to heal and align the chakras.

Even if you tend to roll your eyes at this kind of thing it's worth checking out. An hour after work on a Friday night, a cozy room, loving vibrations soothing to the body and mind--that was a Happy Hour.

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