Friday, January 6, 2012

The Patient's Checklist

This week I read a review copy of a new and very handy book called, "The Patient's Checklist". While ostensibly a book for patients to take with them to the hospital--this is actually a great book for family caregivers and advocates. Elizabeth Baily had the experience of managing her fathers care--some complicated care--and this book grew from her experience.

It is, in fact, filled with checklists to use before going to the hospital and at the hospital and after. Lots of methods for keeping track of who's who and what's what and what comes next.

This is a book that everyone over 50 should have as they care for their parents and siblings and to pass on to their kids who in turn will be taking care of them.

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Elizabeth Bailey said...

Diane, thank you so very much for posting an early review of my book, The Patient's Checklist! My hope has always been that the book will provide an immediate, user-friendly tool for patient and family to understand hospital ways in a time of medical crisis and confusion.Understanding leads to collaboration with your team of doctors and nurse - which is essential to safe and sane care! But I hope to also offer - in design, thoughts and quotes - a reminder of our humanity as the most critical antidote to the impersonal and harsh healthcare system we confront.