Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cancer on TV

If we know that one in 5 people has cancer and that cancer touches every family, and that most Americans watch more than 20 hours of TV a week--how come we don't see much cancer on TV?

Doesn't it seem that there should be cancer references and cancer experiences represented on regular TV? Yes, we have the fabulous ShowTime "The Big C" with Laura Linney but what about cancer in Modern Family and South Park and How I Met Your Mother and The Family Guy?

At any moment each of us knows someone with cancer--family member, extended family member, co-worker, in a friend's family etc. Someone has a diagnosis or is going thru treatment. Someone is dying or surviving. So where is that in our TV lives? Shouldn't there at least be a minor character with cancer? a mention of taking a casserole (yes, lasagna) to someone's home? Someone bald or in a chemo-scarf?

Cancer is in our lives, so how about our TV lives?

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