Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What You Believe In...

A quote that I love goes like this: "What you believe in must be bigger than what you are afraid of." I heard a woman named Kim Klein say that in a conference on fund raising many years ago. She was telling a story about how she overcame her fear of solicitation--asking powerful people for money. She said that one day in a fit of terror, about to approach a big CEO, it hit her that she really did believe in the women she was trying to help at her DV shelter, so that had to be bigger than her fear. And her fear decreased that day.

I have applied that quote in my life many times: at work, in relationships, in social settings and now I'm thinking about health and wellness and cancer. Do I believe in God? Goodness? the power of the body? the balance of the universe? Ok, can I remember that when I am afraid?

This week a friend who knows I love that quote pointed it out to me again. I have been wrestling with my passion about caregiving and this cancer advocacy work--do I dare put myself out there? really step up to the plate, and the microphone, with Love in the Time of Cancer? And my friend Martha said, "Diane, what you believe in has to be bigger than what you are afraid of."

My own advice to others hiding in plain sight. That makes me believe in God. And his sense of humor.

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