Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year...Now back to work

New Years Day we had an open house at our apartment. We mixed friends from all parts of our lives and the fun was in seeing who knew each other that we didn’t know knew each other. I realized that I love to entertain. I’ve never liked to cook—though it turns out that I can—so I assumed that entertaining was not for me. But what I like is having people meet each other. Now, with John, there are more worlds to intersect, and in some cases, collide. There is also a growing sense that we are a couple—we have made a home, we travel, we have love and cancer and now we entertain together.

Tomorrow we both go back to work. This is the real sense of the New Year beginning. The economy is in rough shape and it will impact our workplaces and certainly impacts my creative work. Maybe this will also be freeing. Maybe when there is no market I will do more that is less market-driven. Now we are entering ordinary time. Now we are in a new year.

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