Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaguration Day

Yesterday was an important day. The Inauguration of Barack Obama. Watching our country make this change. My husband always tells his classes: “The most important moment in this process is when the incoming president goes to the White House and Picks up the outgoing president and they ride to the inauguration together. Look at that ride and the dignity and decency of that transition of power. Note: There are no automatic weapons.”

I watched that then went back to work. Crazy work day then home to have the neighbors to dinner. Another moment of becoming a couple: We entertain well together.

But looking at another couple and feeling some envy. They have a full life that includes children from both lives. They mix and mingle family members. They are making plans and being active. I read between the lines and know there is real life: alimony, hip replacement, differences in politics and beliefs. But I felt their coupled-ness and longed for it.

We clean up and dress for bed...interrupted by the mirror and passion and pleasure. Those things we are good at.

Is it enough? I wake so tired. Worried about work. About his health. About mine. About what will really make me happy.

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