Friday, October 10, 2014

Loving All of It

A friend of mine told me what a wise friend of hers told her when she was contemplating marriage to the man she had been living with.

The friend told her to get very quiet and “make a list of all the things that upset you, annoy you and that you don’t like about him”. Then very carefully look at that list and ask yourself: “Can you accept each item on that list?”

If you can say yes then you should marry him because those are the things that will not change.

Brilliant advice? I think so.


Meg T. said...

Yes. Hands down best advice.
Worst advice I received? "Don't go to bed angry." Shit. When is the worst time to try to process and come to a loving, accepting place? After a fight when we're angry and tired!!! For the love of God, go to sleep. It will wait if it's important, if it's not, we'll laugh about it in the morning.

Diane said...

Meg--You are soooo right. The tired-er I get the dumber I get:)