Friday, October 3, 2014

It's not Pink, It's Lung

Somehow we just keep finding ways to ignore this fact: The biggest killers of women are heart disease and lung cancer. But now, in October,  the pink tsunami begins and we are saturated with pink hues and the fear-based marketing of breast cancer awareness.

But please pause for a minute and consider lung cancer. Yeah, the one that (after colon cancer) no one wants to talk about because it's gross and because we still (come on!) think it only kills smokers. (No it doesn't).

Here, in the New York Times article below (click the link) is an important idea about reducing deaths from lung cancer. The authors McKee and Salner are radiation oncologists. This is public health information.

After you read this we'll talk some more about the cancers that aren't pastel and that don't sell lipstick.

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