Saturday, March 23, 2013

Get a Second Opinion, like How?

In serious medical situations --any time a procedure is called for--we are advised to "get a second opinion." But exactly how do you do that? Many times the surgery or treatment is urgent--they want to do it now or tomorrow or next week. If you live outside one of the big cities: New York, LA, Chicago etc. how do you find the second expert?

Even if you have a name or a hospital how do you talk to your current doctor? Self-advocacy is recommended but it's tough. We are dependent on our doc so it can feel hard to say, "I want to consult with someone else." And most times when we say that it is our own doc giving us the two or three names that are his colleagues. Those are folks he works with frequently--they do his second-opinions and he does theirs. So it's not exactly arms-length.

How do you get the best doc?  The truly top expert on your illness, cancer, disease or surgery? Most of us talk to friends, and friends of friends  but now there is another way to do this.

In today's Wall Street Journal is an article (see the link below) about ConsultingMD, a new second-opinion firm that can provide access to experts around the globe and they can review your data and reports online to advise from long distances. Here's a compelling fact: In 60% of cases reviewed for a second opinion an alternate treatment is recommended--and that course is often cheaper and more conservative.

So take a look at the article below and save this for when you are a friend are looking around.

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