Sunday, March 3, 2013

Amour--a movie about caregiving and true love

Last night we went to see the Academy Award nominated film, Amour. You know by now that it is a film about aging and about a couple trying to manage an illness and more.

It's a beautiful film--language of course, and scenery and yes it's French so we see a very French woman being very French even as she ages and suffers. In American movies we might question a coiffure and makeup on someone who is ill but she's French, c'est la vie.

What I didn't know was how well this film would capture the tedium versus crisis of caregiving and the  spouse versus adult-child boundaries. Just for those few scenes you should see this film. But it is of course, as the title suggests, a great love story. Maybe the ultimate love story.

The take-away is also great. We talked for hours afterward about "What if.." and "When we face this...". If you have struggled to initiate those conversations about end-of-life care or preferences  or who will do what then use this movie as a way to open the conversation with your partner, children and friends.

Here is the trailer for the film. It may still be at a theater near you or on Netflix or Pay-per-View.


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