Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Reluctant Caregiver

In my class on caregiving I always say, "Don't let anyone saint you." That means: do not take it when anyone says of your caregiving role that, "You must be a saint." The reason is, that as soon as you have accepted that intended compliment you are now prohibited from saying just how hard it is to be a caregiver. How will you follow "You are a saint" with "I hate this"?

Here's someone else writing about the pain of caregiving and the reluctant caregiver--of which there are many. In this story it's a woman caring for a mother-in-law but often its someone caring for their parent or even their own spouse. No, it's not a made-for-TV-movie where everyone finds caregiving heartwarming and rewarding.

Take a look at this short article. And know you are not alone:

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