Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

We are preparing for another Super Bowl. No favorite teams this year but it’s still quite a holiday.

I rushed to get my writing all done early. And John is finishing up his schoolwork. Cooking is all done and most of dinner will come from The Recovery Grill around the corner. An excuse to eat and an excuse to watch hours of TV and all the commercials.

The best part of this day is the excitement of being together. We are lucky. I know that. We like hanging out together. That’s a gift. But also lucky to be here.

I just read the posts of past Super Bowl days and early ones were filled with fear. We were watching football and thinking oncology. Spicy food was out of the question because his mouth sores were so horrendous. The TV was on but he couldn’t move from the couch, and when he sat up the room spun out of control.

We made it through all of that. Gratitude is our prize.


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