Friday, February 14, 2014

Head Into Heart

On Valentine’s Day we think of hearts. Sometimes we let our head rule our heart and sometimes it’s the other way around.

Maybe the best advice I have ever received is about moving a loved one from head to heart. And not just a loved one—maybe this advice is even better for a “non-loved” one.

The next time you feel resentment or are irritated by someone try this: Move that person or that thought from your head to your heart. Visualize a tiny “them” in your heart. Put your hand there and press them in. Feel it get warm around them.

Most of our anger, rants and criticisms take place in our heads. But heart is body and physical. Cozy the person into your heart, give them a pat and let them rest there. Let your warm blood surround them.

When they come back to your head return them—like a toddler—to the nesting place in your heart. You will begin to feel the shift. I promise.

Cross my heart.

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