Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stand Up Cancer --Tig Notaro

No, I don't mean standing up for cancer or even against cancer but comedian Tig Notaro does stand up comedy about her cancer. Specifically breast cancer and a double mastectomy.

Not laughing yet? I know. But you will be when you hear this wickedly funny actor telling the audience about her cancer just hours after her diagnosis. The thing is not that cancer is or isn't funny but that comedy is always deadly serious. That's why we laugh. Think about your favorite comedians --the ones that make you cry--Robin Williams and Sarah Silverman are two of mine--they are always talking about the stuff that hurts.

That's why we say of a good performance, "He really killed."

If you don't know Tig Notaro Google her to get her website and some YouTube clips or listen to this introduction with her interview on NPR:

Laugh till you cry.

Here's the link:

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