Friday, November 22, 2013

Learning from Doctors About Making Decisions

Do you ever wonder what your doctor is really thinking when you talk to them about your diagnosis and what to do next? Have you ever said, "What would you do if this was your wife? your life?" Have you wondered if there is a secret code or understanding among doctors?

In yesterday's New York Times--In the section called "Your Money" (Interesting placement) is a powerful article about how doctors make decisions about their own end of life care and how and why some choose not to have all of the treatments that they may be suggesting for others. This is an important article as it allows us to listen behind the scenes as doctors facie their own serious illness or that of a partner.

Another reason this  article is important is that it shows us how hard it can be to get our families on board when we do refuse care or choose to not use every available medical measure. Even doctor's families can be upset or fight back. So how much harder for us?

This is an article to share with your family. Yes, Thanksgiving is coming and weirdly it is a perfect time to have the "What do you want?" conversation along with "Do you want more turkey?" We will be talking to our family and likely remembering those who have died (and how they got there) so there are many places in the conversation to say, "What do you want and not want?" and  "How will we support each other when we are making those decisions?"

Here is the link to the article called, "How Doctors Die--Coming to Grips with Their Own Mortality, They are Showing the Way for Others"

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