Monday, August 19, 2013

Yoga for Cancer and Yoga to Improve Sleep

Sleep and lack of sleep is an issue for cancer patients and for cancer caregivers. Chemo and infusion and pain and nausea interfere with patents being able to sleep, and a partner with cancer who is not sleeping makes sleep hard for cancer caregivers. There is also the beeping and the buzzing of infusion pumps, occasional alarms going off and even when they are not then there is the fear that they will.

I don't miss those days. But I member how much sleep it cost both of us. Sleep meds can be a help but they have dangers and side effects as well. And I was always afraid that if I took Ambien that I'd miss the chemo alarm or even worse, I'd  "wake up" Ambienated and who knows what would happen in that zombie state.

Here's an article that recommends yoga for improving sleep in Cancer Land. Take a look and try some gentle yoga. Of course yoga will help with more than sleep--it will also be an aid to the anxiety that accrues to patient and caregiver alike.

You can find introductions to yoga in every community center, library, YMCA and online and on YouTube. Here's the link:

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