Friday, August 2, 2013

Cancer & Careers

If you have cancer --or your partner has cancer-- it's likely that one of both of you are juggling cancer and caregiving and work issues. It's one of the secret struggles. Lots of shame and fear surround how to be OK at work and how to keep or return to a job. You need to know all the legal ins and outs like FMLA but you also need to know the political, emotional and psychological impacts.

Cancer & Careers is a nonprofit resource organization with that very focus. I'm posting the link below. Bookmark this in your favorites. Have you made a Cancer Resources bookmark folder yet? If not, do that now and add this one. It will come in handy. You can look up your questions, you can chat online, you can query HR professionals and keep your anonymity/confidentiality and you can attend their workshops and presentations--online and in person.

Here's the link to Cancer & Careers:

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