Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seminar on Caregiving and Special Needs Planning

Concerns about money and lack of planning lead to the biggest fights and the most fear in caregiving families. It helps to get good information and perspective ahead of the crisis--and since most of us are or will be caregivers sooner rather than later it makes sense to think about it now.  A colleague, Andre Turman, sent me the info below about a workshop he is providing in the New York Capital Region that is for caregivers and families.  If you'd like to attend give him a call. His contact info is below:

On October 15th from 6-8pm @ The Century House in Latham, we will be hosting a dinner presentation for families and caregivers of loved ones with special needs.  This educational seminar will focus on the need for implementing a comprehensive plan covering essential aspects in providing a desired sustainable lifestyle for their loved ones with a special need or disability.

The title of the presentation is:
“Caring for a Loved One with Special Needs”
Are you completely prepared for sustainable care?

We have limited seating for this event, and would like to reserve a few seats for you to offer to your families and caregivers you feel would benefit from attending.  If possible, we would like for you to include this event in your monthly newsletter and online calendar.  Reservations for the dinner are due no later than September 28th, and invitations will go out the week of October 1st.

Below are the topics to be covered during the presentation:
  • Teamwork approach
  • Financial and Legal resources
  • Manage Care and Social Service partners
  • Purpose of Special Needs Trust
  • Family Protection

Thank you,
AndrĂ© Turman, CSNA®
Certified Special Needs Advisor
Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management
Southern Saratoga County Office
449 ROUTE 146
CLIFTON PARK NY 12065-3239
NMLS # 66187
Phone: 1.518.383.8945

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