Friday, September 7, 2012

Caregivers and Addiction

I am in Hyannis, Massachusetts this week for a conference on Addiction Care. Lots of information in the seminars on family caregivers and addiction, and the consequences for people in addiction recovery when they become family caregivers.

In yesterday's seminar on "Addiction Over 65" I learned that there is a rapidly growing new group of folks becoming first time drug addicts and the drug is methamphetamine. Yeah--that's the stuff made in bad labs and that fuels the TV show "Breaking Bad". The craziest factor is that folks over 65--in middle and upper income demographics-- are using meth to feel young again and to cope with the stress of caregiving.

The other shock  was learning that the over 65 crowd is using more marajuana--four times more than ten years ago. But these are not hippies bringing their old habits into their senior years, these are first time addicts.

This is Grandma's brain on drugs.

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