Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Life Worth Ending

The link below is to an article from the May 28th issue of New York Magazine titled, "A Life Worth Ending". It's a powerfully persuasive case for talking to our families--and friends--about how we want to live as we age and how we want to die as we decline.

Let's not fool around with this one: we are going to die. Denial--as this article makes powerfully clear--only ensures that you will die in misery with no dignity and that your family caregivers get to watch you in their own misery with no dignity for them either.

This is bigger than cancer. It's about as big as the Boomer Demographic Bump--lots of us aging rapidly and living longer (not necessarily happy news because we will live longer with more disability and chronic illness).

One powerful quote from this article: "We cured cancer for this?"

Read this article and forward this blog post to your friends and family and kids and in-laws and your book club and Rotary and hairdresser and your ex. Yeah, especially your ex.

Here it is:

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