Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family on the Beach

We are back from the beach and salt water hair and not enough sunblock and too much ice cream. This weekend felt like old fashioned summertime. Visiting John's mother with loads of extra family added including two babies which just make you smile constantly. Beach walks, family talks, too much food and then some bonus time alone on the beach. Rumors of sharks made it more exciting and real sitings of schools of seals made it sweet.

Somehow we got to here which includes in-laws that I love, family stories that we are part of now, and an ease with past and present both real and normal.

Came home to news of two deaths--a friend to cancer and a former colleague to medication errors. In its own sad comparative way that made the weekend sweeter too. Life is short. The reminders are all around us. I still worry about every little thing and work too hard and want the writing to be "just-so" and then I think, "just for today".

It's a good summer this year. I'm glad we are in it.

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