Monday, July 16, 2012

Keep Out

“I have never found anything in a man’s wallet, dresser, glove compartment or medicine cabinet that made me happy.”

I used that line in a short story many years ago and it may be one of the smartest things I have ever written to myself. Today I would have to add: cell phone, laptop, iPad and maybe Facebook, though I know many married couples who are in and out of each other’s social media all the time. That gives me the willies. I like a stronger boundary in my coupled life.

This week John is editing some essays I wrote 20 years ago. Many are about relationships, dating and marriage. It’s taken this long for me to feel like he can read what the reading world has read for years. A bit strange maybe, but as I prepare to write a book I’m looking at the line between the written word and the lived word.

But even now, happily married for some years, a man’s wallet still feels like a hot potato to me. 

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