Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letting Go

There is so much letting go to practice. Cancer Land brings letting go of John, his health, his doctors, the outcomes--many little outcomes (tests, appointments, complaints)  and the big one--death. But there is so much more letting go I have to practice and so much of it is about other people.

I've read more than a dozen books about letting go and I can't count the hours and dollars of therapy. I don't discount any of that. It's helped and it's moved me forward and it's also made me more aware of how much more I need to let go. Melody Beatty is my favorite writer on this topic. She writes about addiction and recovery and codependency but "letting go" is the theme.

To be able to let go I have to be able to let go to something else or into something else. For me that something else is God, so I realize how much I need that relationship, and to have that relationship I need spiritual practices in my life.

I'm grateful that I have friends who I can talk to about God and faith and prayer and meditation. Last night I had one of those conversations with a good friend. We talked about our relationships, the ones with real live men and the ones we have with God. That's intimacy.

But this morning I come to letting go again. Maybe letting go of other people and what they think  is a spiritual practice. I can say the words. I can pray for help. But my behavior tells me where I really am.

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