Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Emu Oil and Your Love Life

Vaginal dryness is a factor for all women of a certain age. That's for certain. That age could be 30 if you are postpartum, or 58 if you are postmenopausal, or any age if you are post chemo. Nothing takes the fun out of sex more quickly than feeling like your most tender places are being scraped and torn.

You probably know about lubricants--water-based and silicone based. Try both to see what you like. You can buy them now in grocery stores and drug stores but if you are shy buy them online. If you are over 40 ask your friends. They are using them and you may not know because you are not talking about it.

Recently a friend told me about another sex life saver that is also a daily comfort. It's Emu Oil. Yes, Emu Oil. Uh huh, I did the same thing. I said,  "You mean that critter--the big bird that's like an ostrich?" Yes indeed. Oil from the Emu is magical. You can use it every day on your labia . (I was going to say "down there" But I swore I would not use euphemisms for sex or body parts, especially after so many folks in Cancer Land can't say penis, vagina or fellatio.)

Here is  what I learned that you need to know: It is not messy. You hear the word "oil" and you think, sticky, oily, staining. Nope. the consistency is more creamy or gel-like. It's not oily at all. You don't feel slimy; you just feel nice. No more sandpapery tissues  tearing or burning. And that is also good for your sex life. When we feel juicy and flexible we are more willing to get in the mood even when we are not in the mood.

And after a certain post-40 age sometimes you have to try just to find out that you are in the mood.

You can find Emu Oil on Amazon or lots of online pharmacies.


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