Friday, March 16, 2012


We love March Madness! One of the first things John and I did as friends was make to brackets and compete with each other. I love the flow chart of it and the guessing (for me it's guessing) and I love marking it up each day as my teams disappear. Most of my criteria are geographic (Pennsylvania and Maryland teams have an edge) and cool names. I always pick Xavier and Murray State just because of the names.

But it's also gotten me to wonder about creating a cancer  bracket. We already kind of have Cancer Madness and that perceptual flow chart thing goes on in the way we think. So what if we laid it all out and said, "Does Breast cancer beat Melanoma? and does Lymphoma trump Colon?" and which cancer is at the scary center: Ovarian? or sure fire, always a killer, Lung Cancer?

Las Vegas would join in for sure. And we're doing this in our heads, all the time, anyway.

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