Thursday, March 29, 2018

Sex and Cancer--Why We Need This Book

Dr. Saketh Guntupalli and Maryann Karinch have given us a gift. And this may be a gift that you want to give to yourself or to a friend who is dealing with cancer or who is the caregiver of a partner with cancer.

I've written about "Sex and Cancer" before but I wanted to share it again and to also show this brief Youtube video of Dr. Guntupalli talking about why he wrote this book. He leads with the sad but true story that is more common than we realize about how lives are saved but relationships lost because no one talks about sex.

It's a crime.

As a cancer caregiver--and newlywed wife--I had to fight fiercely to save both John's life and the marriage.

And thank goodness I got mad--the result was crazy, sexy advocacy and this blog and a lot of community education. I was determined that no couple would feel as alone as we did the first time we asked, "So what about sex?" and the oncologist said "Have a nice day" and walked out of the room.

I think today I'd be more bold and follow him down the hall and say, "Hey, buddy, I asked you about sex not suicide.:)))

So years later, hundreds of blog posts, many talks and workshops and panels later, here's the book I wish I'd had back then.

Give a click below to listen to this short Youtube video with Dr. Saketh Guntupalli: