Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's Not Your Fault

We have learned not to blame the victim. We have learned not to ask, "Did she smoke?" or to say, "Well she had that cancer personality." But still, not "blaming the victim" still suggests that there is a victim, right?

Now some important cancer news in today's New York Times Science section. (After the Sunday Style section the Tuesday Science section is my fav).

Today's cancer article by Denise Grady is called "Cancer's Random Assault" and it says, basically, that most cancer is bad luck. Huh? Yeah. The article says that environmental risks, heredity and diet account for only one-third of cancers, the rest is, "random genetic mistakes."

In addition to being a short, well-written medical reseach article this piece is also worth reading--and saving--for yourself or a friend or loved one who has--or gets--a diagnosis.

No, you did not do this and no, it probably wasn't your diet, plastic water bottle, lead pencils in the first grade, or even the spray on your apples.

No, cancer is not your fault.

Here is the article: link right here:

Click, and read, and go live your life.

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