Saturday, January 3, 2015

CURE Magazine--a Resource for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

I love magazines and I read all kinds: beauty, history, current events, news, sports, fashion, style and now in my CancerLand life I also read CURE. The tagline for Cure is, "Combining Science & Humanity".

Now, it is true that when I was a newcomer to cancer  I didn't want to touch this magazine. There were always free copies in the oncology waiting room and I shoved them aside. I didn't want to need this resource, I didn't want to learn anything more about cancer and chemo and diets and caregiving. I was, well, sick of cancer. I was sick of my cancer, his cancer, our cancer.

But over time, and time is what we pay to cancer, I began to read the covers, and I began to care about the science of cancer, and I began to learn the language of cancer…and I'd read an article here and there. And I was surprised.

Now, I'm a subscriber. I clip articles for friends. I learn about new treatments and new strategies.

So, be smarter than me and be faster to learn than I was. If you or a family member or friend is hanging out in CancerLand pick up a copy and check it out. CURE is free, you can take a look at it here--the link is below, and you'll see that it is easy to get a free subscription.

I'm reading an article in this month's issue: "Promising Strategies in Colon Cancer and Melanoma". Both are cancers that I have experience with. And now, a breath away from each, I am happy to learn more.

Take a look. Here's the link:

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