Monday, May 26, 2014

Photographing Cancer

My friend Leslie travels a lot and she brings me stories from all over the country. Last week she gave me some pages from The Bangor Daily News which reported on Angelo Merendino's photo-documentary of his wife with cancer. He is a wonderful photographer and so the images are powerful and he was wise enough to pick up his camera early in their families' relocation to CancerLand.

Merendino describes the process from his wife's perspective and from his own. He says he began almost as a distraction, an escape,  and then as a way to go deeply into the cancer and his wife's experience. They were married in 2007. Her breast cancer was diagnosed five months later, and she died in 2012. Five years of marriage and cancer and photography. What a tragedy. What a gift.
I'm putting the link to the Bangor Daly News article below, and also a link to the foundation Merendino started to help others called, The Love You Share.

Beautiful photographs here:

Bangor Daily News story here:

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