Monday, September 2, 2013

Books and Books and Wonderful Books in CancerLand

In another post I have written about science writer George Johnson and his new book, "The Cancer Chronicles" where he --prompted by his wife's cancer--looks carefully at the science of cancer and its treatments. This week in the Wall Street Journal's  book column, Five Best, Johnson selects the five best books about illness.

He has chosen winners--Sontag, Solzhenitsyn, Mann and ones I had not thought of but now want to read--especially The Magic Mountain.

Here is the link to his article about the five best books about disease:

PS...if you too thought The Wall Street Journal was only for business and finance types you are missing some of the best art, literature and cultural writing. I made that mistake too for too long. Now I cannot wait to get my Wall Street Journal on Saturdays.

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