Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tis the Season

Wedding season that is.

For the longest time our wedding was the last one we went to and then suddenly a big shift. We have been to three weddings since January and there are three more before July. Most are first time marriages and some are for the second time. But even the first timer's have to manage step-families and double and triple sets of parents and grandparents. That means that a lot of people have to "wear beige and shut up."

We have seen some extraordinary examples of well-blended families. One wedding--a second time--included the former spouses of the bride and groom and their spouses and everybody's kids. And everyone was genuinely happy. How does that happen? A lot of therapy? A lot of medication? And/or a lot of prayer and grace I think.

We are on our way to another wedding today. We hope this rain blesses them. No matter the weather I feel cheered by their belief in marriage and their willingness to celebrate with family and friends. And the bonus is that John and I  get to dance together again.

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