Sunday, December 9, 2012

New York City

This weekend was New York City. We had the good luck of such mild weather and so on Saturday we took the bus to 89th and then walked all the way down to 39th again--with lots of stops along the way. Tried to do some Christmas shopping but nothing felt inspired. I know, how crazy--in NYC--but nothing felt right.

We did have a wonderful time at The Frick Collection. The recent movie, "The Late Quartet" has a scene in the lovely fountain gallery and it reminded me that I wanted to show John that museum. We lucked into an exhibition of best drawings from the Courthalt Gallery in London, including Mantegna and many Turners. The one that I wanted to bring home was "After the Shipwreck" by Turner. A small watercolor, so unexpectedly beautiful and poignant. A small dog looks at the ocean. At first you'd assume the title must be wrong, then realize, this small creature is waiting, looking and alone. Yes, a caregiver motif for sure.

We followed that with our own medicine though, a visit to Maison du Chocolat for macaroons and coffee, and I did look at a lot of clothes and books and well, more books. A sale at Argosy Books was a treat--but again, no inspired gifts. The best part was watching the skaters at Bryant Park before we left for home. The music and that laughter began, finally, to feel Christmasy.

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