Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Cancer Triangle

Now we are in-between. It is its own strange time. We are making holiday plans, shopping for birthdays, talking about gifts and trips and life—as if cancer is over. But is it over ? Or only away on a trip of its own? They say that people who have cancer are never really over it. Once you know this can happen to you it’s always there hovering in the background. That's true for caregivers too. It’s there in the back of the closet--that shirt, and the back of the fridge--no more lasagna--and in the medicine cabinet. Will we ever toss the anti-naseua meds? It is there in the relationship too. Always a third party. A strange relation who never quite leaves.  Will we ever have a relationship that is just us? Or will there always be a triangle: me and him and cancer?

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