Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Ready Reading

I cancelled my writing week on Cape Cod.  We grocery shopped and bought extra batteries. John made meat loaf and casseroles that we can eat cold if necessary. We called kids and parents and friends who are near big water on the East Coast. I'm very touched by the number of friends stepping up to help family members just in case. Here at home it feels more like an adventure than a disaster. But then it has not really begun.

Yesterday watching people grabbing videos I felt so grateful to be a reader. If we have power I'll watch movies too, but there is this blessing and bonus of being a reader--to know that we can entertain ourselves for hours and days with the simplest technology: turning pages. And with the coffee table and bedside tables piled so high with books it's hard not to think, "Oh boy, extra reading time."

The folks I think about today are those in Cancer Land. How to get to chemo? The nurses who will work double shifts. The chemo equipment running on generators and the extra worry. I constantly think about the 5FU folks who will wear the nasty beeping pumps through all of this.

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