Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sex is Good

Well, that's the message of the article in today's Times Union by health advocate Lynda Shrager. In this perfect Valentine's Day piece she makes a strong case for more sex for everybody. What's never quite clear in stories like this tho is whether "sex twice a week" means orgasm twice a week. We know that you can have a lot of sex with out both partners having an orgasm. So does the one who comes get all the health benefits?

And if that's true do the benefits accrue if your "partner" runs on batteries? That's the problem with euphemism; we are left in the dark even when the lights are on. But to be on the safe--and healthy--side go for the O on Valentine's Day.

Here's the link to Lynda's column. Her health advice is always great so do bookmark this one:

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