Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am tired but energized by lots of exercise today. I went to a Pilates class and then on to a Zumba dance fundraiser. I had a small fantasy of dancing for hours but no. One hour of Zumba was plenty. But the nice thing about Zumba is the laughter—no mirrors, no perfectionism, no right and wrong just “keep moving”. It is a sexy exercise—Latin and African music, lots of hips swaying. Women of every size and shape which also inspires.

While I danced John watched football and did the grocery shopping. Yea! Now I’m working on a talk for caregivers coming up in December—can I bring that feeling of energy and acceptance I get at Zumba to cancer caregivers?

Tonight we have Veal Dorato and Graeters ice cream. It may undo the benefits of Zumba but it’s also time for pleasure—of all kinds.

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