Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Big--Happy--O!

Ok, here is one wild sex fact. (And more evidence for why we should be talking about sex in CancerLand.) Today I read an article about women and orgasms in the November/December issue of “Healthy Life” magazine. I read this: “Gordon Gallup, Jr., a psychology professor at SUNY Albany found that Prostaglandin, a hormone present in semen, is a natural antidepressant.”

It continues, “In a 2002 study of nearly 300 women, Gallup found that those who frequently had sex without condoms had significantly fewer symptoms of depression than those who were not regularly exposed to semen.”

Wow. Imagine the pick-up lines. “I just want to make you happy, baby.” And do you like that careful wording, “exposed to semen”. Prozac, Paxil or BJ?

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