Sunday, October 2, 2011

Volunteer Opportunities with the American Cancer Society Hope Club

I saw the staff team from The American Cancer Society Hope Club today and learned about their volunteer opportunities. I’ve done some of these activities as a volunteer in the past and I know how satisfying and manageable they are--and how appreciated. Check it out:

Drivers for Road to Recovery: give someone a ride to treatment—round trip or one way. Surprisingly easy to do—even if you are working or have kids.

Coordinator for Road to Recovery Drivers: You will be blown away by the people you meet and talk about having gratitude in your day! Yes!

Patient Navigation: If you have been through CancerLand you can help someone else. Share the wisdom; translate the jargon; teach a caregiver how to cope; turn victim into advocate. You already know so much.

For more information call The ACS Hope Club at 518-782-9833

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