Monday, October 31, 2011

Caught in the Middle

76 million of us Baby Boomers. That means a lot of sandwich generation caregivers. We are taking care of parents, sometimes grandparents, children, grandchildren, step children and spouses. We live longer but the fine print that accompanies that good news says that we live longer with more illness and more—multiple—disabilities. (Of course we; do you can’t live longer without stuff happening to your body.)

So where is the good good news? It’s this: There are a lot of us and so we have colleagues and peers and can have companions if we seek them out. Our friends are caregivers too and we can support each other and trade information. We can take turns driving, shopping and listening. We can volunteer. We can commiserate.

We can’t change life and we can’t change death but we can help each other.

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