Monday, March 30, 2009

Return from Vacation

Home from vacation. Sunshine. Wearing white. Wearing pastel. Wearing sleeveless shirts and colorful rubber flip flops. Each day I texted my beach report to my pal, Leslie, a fellow mermaid. The ocean changes color daily and has different moods as well. As mer-gals we treasure this variation.

The trip was good. A visit with John’s mother and sister. Fabulous food. Feeling free to be affectionate in front of family. Waking to the sound of mourning doves and bird song. Our own birdsong at morning.

Home now to rain and cooler weather. A day alone for laundry, library, dry cleaner and drugstore. A few groceries for our own meals again.

While we were away a friend died. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago and made it this far. Two weeks ago at John’s oncology check up we ran into Tony picking up his medications from his oncologist. I introduced the two men and we laughed about cancer. Tony’s memorial is today at five.

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