Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today a lesson in projection.
I seem to have to learn this over and over but here it is again.
Yesterday I was ambivalent; I kept a secret; I was dishonest.
Last evening I was certain that he was ambivalent; he seemed evasive and I wondered, “Is he really telling me the truth?”
That of course raddled me. I was sure he was pulling away, his commitments uncertain and feelings unclear.
Then I felt needy and insecure, could not be comforted.
So I began to pull away.
Today as I dissected it I saw that it all began with my behavior.
I took my discomfort with my own actions and I
projected it all onto him.
Then watching that movie I distressed myself further.
Note to me: I made myself miserable. Don’t do this again.

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