Monday, November 3, 2008

Visiting Mom

This weekend we visited John’s Mom. She hasn’t seen him since summer so it was a chance to reassure her that he is mostly okay. I really saw that she is a mother looking at her child and worrying about his health and his life. I see him as a 57-year-old man and for a bit I forget that is not what he is to her. This is her sweet boy. Her husband died of cancer, her best friend died of cancer and her son has cancer. She doesn’t say any of this and she is careful in the questions that she asks, but I saw a mother looking at her child and her child has cancer.

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Walking Satellite said...

Max, your writing is courageous and good. I'm sorry about your husband's cancer. Thank you for sharing all of this and for your comment on my blog. Say hi to Elizabeth (I know her as Beth)!