Sunday, November 23, 2008

Love After Chemo

Chemo is over and even though some fear remains, and even though there is still a CAT scan and blood work to get through, I don’t want to miss this: Six months of chemotherapy is over. He did this with style and grace. It is true that adversity doesn’t build character, but rather reveals it and in this prolonged adversity his strong character was revealed. He did not miss one day of work. He did not whine or complain. When other people admired his courage he reminded them that he was just doing what was in front of him. He also very graciously and very gallantly said that being the person with cancer is easier than being the caregiver. The person with cancer gets all the sympathy and all the breaks. He is right about that.

He says it feels like he’s out of prison. Chemo ended just yesterday so the side effects of this recent round are still here (fatigue) and still to come (more mouth pain and neuropathy). But it is uphill from here.

Love in the time of cancer: Still love. Still time.

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