Wednesday, November 18, 2015

You Gotta Laugh

At times like these--the combination of terrorism and chemotherapy--you just gotta laugh. And you do love the people who can bring humor to the oncology center or who can make a tsunami of lasagna seem funny.

I do challenge someone in CancerLand to write a humor handbook for patients and caregivers. (We know the professionals have their own dark humor-- don't worry, it's understood and professionally appropriate.) But still, don't you wish you had a joke up your sleeve or a trick in your bag?

Now you can. I want to share this totally uncancer resource today so you can have a grin or maybe if you are the friend or caregiver you can give this to a friend in CancerLand.

"Great American Humor" by Gerd De Lay--is that little compendium of little jokes. Kind of simple puns and one-liners and the stuff that old time speakers might have used to warm up an audience. This book has 1,000 jokes, witty sayings, and one-liners.

Don't know what to bring or send? Here it is. Awkwardness prevented. The day saved. Take a look.

It will make you smile too.

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